Meet the Winemakers

Why stop at sharing a bottle of great wine? KFWE offers you the chance to share a conversation with the winemakers themselves. KFWE brings you producers from all around the world – be it from historically significant regions such as France for wine, the modern award winning wine regions of Israel and authentic regions for premium spirits.

Menahem Israelievitch

Phil Jones

Jurgen Wagner

David Bar-Ilan

Yaacov Oryah

Israel Flam

Lionel Bokobsa

Joshua Greenstein

Joe Hurliman

Alicia Wilbur

Yehuda Nahar

Amichai Lourie

Eyten Ben Zaken

Jurgen Wagner

Lotan Wiessman

Yaakov Berg

Daniele Seta

Yair Tebouile

Matthieu Guyon

Oren Sela

Ofer Amit

Gershon Bodner

Lionel Bokobsa

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